Copenhagen AD Floor Lamp


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The most popular type of AD adorns the cult-style extravaganzas in which trapezoidal forms are displayed. AD is equipped with two conical fittings from lithium alloys. The fittings have a unique conical shape, which can easily enhance the appearance of the sweatshirt and make it a distinctive finish. Sculptural construction made of plastic geometry, which gives the optical illusion of both the sweatshirt and the mass. We appreciate your consideration of as a prospective purchaser for your residential property. Our services can assist in expediting the sale of your property and even increasing its market value. The utilization of targeted advertising strategies and effective verbal communication has facilitated the establishment of a customer base characterized by loyalty, productivity, and advantageous outcomes for the organization. The growth and success of the firm held significant importance. The appreciation of a residential property can be enhanced by diligent documentation and effective negotiations. Selling a house without a long-term advertisement is not a feasible endeavor. The inquiry regarding the product is now under investigation. Visit




Height 62 cm
Width 60 cm
Depth 20 cm

Informations complémentaires

1.5 kg



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